Which One Of Us Is Going To Break It To Olivia Wilde That She Forgot To Wear A Shirt Last Night?

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Olivia Wilde Rush Premiere September 2013

Last night Olivia Wilde attended the world premiere of her new movie Rush with Chris Hemsworth in London, and something just seemed a little off about her outfit. At first I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Did she get a haircut? Should she be wearing a necklace? Are the shoes the wrong color? Hmm, what could it be… Oh right. SHE'S NOT WEARING A SHIRT. Did you notice it too? It was probably hard to spot, like a “Where's Waldo” puzzle. But there it is. Or rather, there it isn't.

Upon noticing this, I immediately panicked. Where could her shirt be? Did it run away with her bra to elope? Did they run into Miley Cyrus' pants along the way and make it a polygamous marriage? Did Olivia spot Justin Bieber crossing the street with nothing but his tattoo sleeve to cover him and selflessly offer her own blouse? Is it a backless shirt that she put on backwards and you just can't see it? Did she just forget? I mean, it happens sometimes. No biggie. I soon realized the best explanation was just that she intended it. Crazy, I know. But just look at that smile. That there is a lady who knows she's not wearing a shirt and doesn't care who knows it.

I'm so conflicted about this look. On the one hand, I adore suits and tuxedos on women and wish they showed up more on red carpets. On the other hand, hellooo girlfriend, you're not wearing a shirt. Olivia has a small enough chest to almost pull it off, but I just wish there was one more button on the jacket. Cleavage can look fabulous, but when that cleavage runs all the way down to your belly-button and then curves up to your underboob, it looks like you didn't get your shirt ironed in time for the red carpet and just buttoned your jacket over your boobs.

The rest of this outfit is absolutely gorgeous, though. I love the length of the pants and the red lip, and her hair looks neat and pretty. And I love that she went with just a simple diamond earring instead of piling on the necklaces. I realize she's probably got a whole roll of double-stick tape holding her in, but I'm white-knuckling it just looking at this photo worried one of those puppies is gonna go rogue.