Off the Market: Experimenting With ‘InStyle Ultimate Beauty Secrets’

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When Crushable recieved a copy of the InStyle Ultimate Beauty Secret book, I knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to finally learn how to put on makeup. As someone who regulates herself to eyeshadow and lipstick only, I was excited to learn the art of putting on foundation, blush, and mascara like an adult. Following the tips in the book, I asked The Gloss‘ resident fashion expert Ashley Cardiff to accompany me to Sephora and guide me on my glamour process.

We honestly expected to get kicked out (especially when we brought out the plastic spoon). Instead, despite ending up looking like a whore-clown, a non-Sephora employee came over at one point and helpfully pointed out that “it looks good, you might just want to blend in the foundation a little better.”

See ladies? Dolling yourself up can get guys' attention! Check out our photo gallery of the outting, along with some InStyle beauty tips.

Despite a fashion editor and a beauty book at my disposal, my penchant for bright colors may make me a hopeless makeup case. Still, this book would be perfect for anyone who knows how to put on foundation and blush without looking like a clown whore, but still wants some extra tips.

Drew's pro beauty secret: Invest in a lot of makeup remover.