25 Delicious Nutella Recipes You Never Knew You Needed

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Nutella is basically heaven in a jar. It's the ultimate BFF when you need some cheering up and it never lets you down when you've got a serious sweet tooth. It's no wonder why most of us relish in eating it by the spoonful! But as tasty as it is on its own, there are tons of unique ways to add even more of it to your diet – and we've got all the Nutella recipes to prove it.

The spread can be used to make things like Nutella cookies, Nutella pie pops, Nutella cinnamon rolls, and get this: Nutella-covered bacon strips. We know, we know – it sounds like a really weird combo, but you'd be surprised at how well they go together! Like, how amazing would it be to wake up to the smell of bacon and hazelnutty chocolate in the morning? Or what about enjoying a plate of banana and Nutella-stuffed french toast? Are you drooling yet?

See all the mouth-watering recipes you simply have to try if you're crazy for Nutella.

1. Nutella Pizza


By the way, that's not just Nutella you're seeing there. The recipe features four types of chocolate (and we're already in love).