North West Continues Her Grand Tradition Of Looking Miserable On Kim Kardashian’s Social Media

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North West Continues Her Grand Tradition of Looking Miserable on Kim Kardashian s Social Media Kim Kardashian North West Snapchat jpg

(Photo: Instagram)

Some of you might wonder why I’m always saying North West is planning to escape the Kardashians. You might think I’m being silly, and that North is perfectly happy with her family and totally not slowly digging a hole through her bedroom wall with a spoon. Maybe when North stops looking miserable in the majority of her photos, I’ll change my tune.

We’ve seen North scowl, grimace and side-eye in everything from paparazzi photos to Instagram posts. She once even told Kim Kardashian “No pictures!” in a video Kim then posted online for her millions of followers to see. She did smile that one time she met Santa, but I’m pretty sure that’s just because she was planning to stow away on his sleigh and live out her days in the North Pole — it has her name on it, after all.

Now that Kim has a Snapchat account, North’s unhappy faces can be spread across even more social media platforms. Take, for instance, the photo Kim posted yesterday (above), in which North appears desperate to get away while her mom pouts for the camera. “Not a Snap fan,” Kim Kardashian scribbled on the photo, because haha isn’t it so funny?

In a video in which North can be heard off screen saying she’s afraid of Snapchat, Kim hypothesizes that it’s because of the “scary filters.” But that obviously won’t stop Kim from forcing her to get in the photo. I get the feeling that posing for pictures in the Kardashian-Jenner-West-Whatever household is like eating your vegetables in that you absolutely have to do it or else you won’t get dessert.

Call me old-fashioned, but I thought photos, especially ones you share with other people, were supposed to document pleasant moments you want to remember. Or is that just an outdated way of thinking from a time when we had a limited number of photos on a roll of film and couldn’t capture every minuscule moment of our lives, so we had to make them worth it? How ’90s of me.