North West Needed A New Excuse To Frown In Photos, So She Got Her Ears Pierced

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian posing for Vogue spread with naked North April 2014I don't want to alarm anyone, but we came dangerously close to getting a photo of North West in which she wasn't frowning. We may never know how close, but thankfully the crisis was averted at the very last minute by getting her ears pierced. Phew.

It was apparently some sort of present for North's first birthday this past Sunday, because she wasn't seen wearing earrings at her parents Kim Kardashian and  Kanye West‘s wedding just a month ago. She was seen with a big ol' pout across her entire face, though, as always, so it's nice to see her staying consistent, if also sleepy. (Mean mugging all day all night is exhausting, y'all!)

And it's also nice to see Kimye helping North out with keeping that scowl going 24/7. I can't imagine getting your ears pierced at age one feels particularly good or festive, so they were obviously providing much-needed support to get their girl through her entire birthday with her no-smile record intact. Mission accomplished! The streak continues!

Like all babies, North must have been begging nonstop to get her ears pierced. After all, that whole ‘cute as a button' thing really only lasts a few months, if you're lucky, and any rational infant will have already begun planning how to become pretty after that point. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, and if you're not a hot baby, you might as well hang up your diaper and retire, because NOBODY WANTS TO LOOK AT YOU.

Sorry, I got a little intense there for a second. I'm just so overwhelmed with relief that we've killed these two birds with one stone (likely a diamond). Let's all say a quiet thank you to the Good Lord Of Pop Culture in the sky, who has answered our prayers by giving North a renewed reason to be so grumpy…as well as simultaneously making sure she has her pretty-baby game on lock by her first birthday, all via a pair of earrings.

Praise Yeezus.

(Photo: Vogue)