North West Is So Cute In These New Photos, You’ll Almost Forget Who Her Parents Are

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby daughter North West is creeping closer and closer to her six-month birthday, and we've barely seen her. We've seen a lot of Kim's ass and heard/read plenty of rants from Kanye, but that daughter of theirs has pretty much remained in hiding the whole time. But that's all changing now that Kim has shared not one but two new photos of her on Instagram. And she no longer looks like she's reaching out begging for help and/or struggling against a swaddley straitjacket. In fact, she looks pretty happy. And adorable. Very very adorable.

In the above photo, North is being held by Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci. He's the guy who gave her that fashiony Bambi T-shirt that her mother bragged about gave thanks for on social media last month. But it's the photo below that I want to talk about. She's actually smiling. Just look at that joyous expression. It's almost like she has no idea who she's related to or that she shares a name with an intermediate direction.

And North is so cute in this picture that even I am starting to forget who her parents are. I'm all, “Oooh, look at the adorable wittle baby and her chubby wittle cheeks. Who do you belong to, you adorable wittle creature? … Oh, right. That's who.” But I like to think we live in a just enough world that we're able to admit babies are cute without letting our distaste for the parents cloud our judgment. A cute baby is a cute baby, no matter how fame-hungry or god-complexy or post-baby-body-obsessed her parents are. Let's all just take a deep breath and accept that sometimes terrible people give birth to adorable babies.

Come to think of it, this baby really might be Kimye's greatest asset (pun kinda-sorta-unintentionally intended). They can use baby Nori to ward off snark like garlic would ward off a vampire. Be afraid, cynical followers of pop culture, be very very afraid.