New North West Photo Reveals That She Still Hasn’t Escaped Kimye

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Just mere minutes ago, our good friend/flaunter Kim Kardashian shared a brand new photo of baby North West. Despite being related to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, this is only her second publicly released photo. While she appeared to be reaching out to us in the first photo for help, she now appears to have accepted her fate as the byproduct of a publicity stunt.

She's wrapped in this season's hottest straight jacket, known in the parenting community as a blanket, and she appears to be laying on the back of a polar bear. While rumors of Kanye West buying her a polar bear as a bodyguard seemed too ridiculous to possibly be true, this photo shows that it's definitely within the realm of possibility. Also I would be negligent in my duties as this country's premiere baby expert if I didn't mention that her expression seems to be sending a lot of disrespect to Ben Affleck. But I suppose that's between North, Ben and Yeezus to discuss privately. (Same with how sharing this photo publicly is something that Kim and Ye will have to discuss privately…you know…because he's all about privacy for his baby.)

In the meantime, we can just be grateful that we have ANOTHER photo to use when we discuss this baby. Although I suppose I should bite my tongue here, odds are there's a lot more of where this came from. Once Grandma Kris (I refuse to use Lovey) sees that she's allowed to show photos, it's going to be a free for-all. Let's just pray that they don't sell provocative baby bikinis for children this small.