North West Calls Herself the HBIC in This New Video From Khloe Kardashian

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North West sunglasses

In what could actually be a chilling look into our future, Khloe Kardashian posted a video on her blog this week called “Watch North Unleash Her Inner Diva.” No, it's not another video of North West telling her mom Kim Kardashian not to take any pictures of her. In fact, it's not a video of North at all. It's a picture of North, wearing a pair of sunglasses placed on her face by the adults in her family who think it's like sooo funny, dubbed over with dialogue from an adult in herfamily who, once again, thinks it's like sooo funny. The results are mildly disturbing and possibly prophetic.

In her blog post, Khloe explains that the video, which was made with the app My Talking Pet (so it's actually intended for dogs and cats, but it apparently works for famous children as well), is the kind of thing she likes to send in her family group texts. She writes, “OMG, I’m obsessed with making these videos of my nieces and nephews saying the most INSANE sh*t!!!” If you're wondering what kind of insane sh*t Khloe is talking about, here's a transcript of what North says in the video:

“Do you know who my mama is? Do you know who my daddy is? That’s right, don’t make me check you. And do not make me take my shades off, because I will punk your f*cking ass. I don’t think you know who I is. My name is North West, and I’m about to run this sh*t for the rest of my life. I am the head bitch in charge. You can take a seat. Actually, you can take a few seats, okay?! Don’t even get me to start tripping out. And listen, do me a favor: Remember, don’t you ever come for me, unless I send for you.”

If it turns out that North actually doesn't escape her family and takes after them instead, I look forward to hearing something similar to this in an upcoming blog post on her own pay-to-subscribe website. Or in a Twitter rant. One or the other.

Khloe says she's going to be sharing more of these videos featuring her other nieces and nephews, because she's not like a regular aunt, she's a cool aunt who lets us normals take a glimpse at what future seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians will be like with these kids as the stars. Can't wait!