Even North West Seems To Think The Fur Coat She’s Wearing In This Photo Is Ridiculous

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Even North West Seems To Think The Fur Coat She s Wearing In This Photo Is Ridiculous North West in a fur coat in New York City with Kim Kardashian February 2015 jpg

North West is in New York City for Fashion Week, and Kim Kardashian certainly dressed her for the occasion. Last night, after departing Kanye West’s fashion show with Adidas, Kim and North were photographed wearing some very fancy outerwear. Fur outerwear, to be more specific. As you can see from the photograph at left, a fur coat looks pretty damn ridiculous on a baby, even one as adorable and famous and with as strong an eyebrow game as North.

Even North herself seems to be totally WTF-ing about the choice of wardrobe. Just look at her Office-style mugging for the camera. Of course, that could just be her normal “Save me from the Kardashians!” face, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the coat had something to do with it. And really, putting a fur coat on a baby? Not only is it cruel to animals and an obnoxious show of wealth, but it’s also so impractical. Won’t she spit up or sneeze or spill something on it? If Kim wants North to look like a fluffy animal, she should stick to that adorable skunk costume she wore last Halloween.

You could say that maybe this coat is faux fur, but this is the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West we’re talking about here. Kanye would probably take it as an insult to “artistry” if Kim dressed their kid in anything fake. Let’s just hope PETA is willing to draw the line at throwing paint at a baby.

One person who approves wholeheartedly of North’s look is her Uncle Rob, who shared the photo on Instagram and wrote, “lil Miss West in the building lol.” Well, to be more specific she’s actually outside the building, but whatever. Either way she looks like a baby millionaire in a silly cartoon. I will admit her tiny Doc Martens are adorable, though.

Update: The New York Daily News reports that the coat is likely crystal fox fur and is valued at an estimated $3,500.

(Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images)