No, Jordin Sparks Isn’t In ‘The Real L-Word’

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I don’t know why, but Facebook is convinced I’m a lesbian. All I get is advertisements for girl-meets-girl dating sites, wife-beaters, and promos for the new Showtime reality program, The Real L-Word.

Yes, it seems totally shameless (and brings to mind the original tag-line for Laguna Beach, which was called “The Real O.C.”). BUT! The show’s producer is the same woman who was behind the original L-Word series, so we guess that makes it less off-putting to parade lipstick lesbians around as the new Real Housewives?

Either way, one of the women in the show, Rose, is such a dead-ringer for American Idol‘s Jordin Sparks that we thought for a hot sec that this was her next career move. In which case, we’d totally watch the show (not that we weren’t already programming our TiVos for the June 20th premiere anyway).