Nicki Minaj’s Outfit Attempts To Upstage M.I.A’s Super Bowl Middle Finger

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Last week at the Superbowl M.I.A stole all of Nicki Minaj's thunder by flipping off the world and subsequently defeating Madonna's attempt to create world peace. So Nicki Minaj, the poorman's Lady Gaga when it comes to award show outfits, just showed up to the Grammys wearing Little Red Riding Hood's prom outfit.

And just in case that wasn't enough to garner headlines and steal M.I.A's controversy spotlight, she brought along a Pope impersonator as her sidekick. Is she making a political statement or was that the only costume on sale at the store? Reports still aren't in yet.

As soon as Ryan Seacrest recharges his batteries, we're sure he'll have answers on what prompted Nicki Minaj to go Catholic chic this year.

[Photo courtesy of @eonline]