The Best News Bloopers Of The Month Are Here, And They’re Januarilarious (Sorry)

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Spider Man dropping a reporter live on air in Times Square January 2014We must have been doing something right in the world, because someone went through all the news bloopers that have aired in the past month and put them into this glorious seven-minute compilation for all of us to enjoy.

As I've said in the past, I'm obsessed with bloopers more than probably anything, and news bloopers are the best kind, because when you're shooting live, there's absolutely no time to recover. So whatever's happening is happening in front of your full TV audience, and you're fully aware of that as you accidentally stutter out the word ‘penis' four times in a row, or try to recover from falling down in the road while giving a live interview.

But for as much as I love news bloopers, I thought I was gonna have to live without them for a while, unless I stumbled across one on my own. After all, we just got an amazing video of the best ones from 2013, so the gift of more was almost too much to hope for. AND YET IT ARRIVES. Brand-new bloopers, the best of January 2014, aka so fresh that they're from a month that isn't even over yet. Piping hot.

The only thing is, you're gonna wanna focus up, because this video covers a lot of ground. You gotta decide what your favorite thing to laugh at is, otherwise you're gonna get overwhelmed and pee your pants with glee. Are you partial to people falling down? We got that. Funny walks in the background of a stone-faced interview? Oh sure. People over-sharing about their personal lives? You betcha! Being attacked by a lion? YOU KNOW IT.

Bottom line, whatever you love, I'm assuming it was in that video. Or hoping it was at least, because if that didn't get your funny bone good and twanged, then I highly doubt you and I have anything in common.