You’ll Get Way Too Much Satisfaction Watching This News Anchor Drop An F Bomb On The Air

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KSNW Wichita Anchor says fuck on air

Sometimes you have to stop resisting and just to give in to the internet. Just admit that the GIF of the raccoon hugging the cat is cute and that watching a local news anchor say fuck on air is hilarious. Because being high brow all the time's exhausting. Also time consuming. Those episodes of Downton Abbey sure are long. And listening to NPR is…well…okay…I've never actually done that. I draw my highbrow line at “listening” to music-free things without pictures.

But I do like to picture all our Crushable readers doing all kinds of classy things all day long, pausing briefly to catch up on celebrity news — and then going right back to debating about their favorite composers and wearing peter pan collars and playing croquet. If my vision of you is incorrect, please don't tell me. I live vicariously through your intelligence and your croquet game.

So with the spirit of this post being about embracing Amurica, please take a moment to watch this local news anchor on KSNW- Wichita say “let's go the fuck home” when he's still on air. It's funny because fail. Also because he's totally profesh during his sign-off and the second he think he's done, he transforms into a regular old schmo who's ready to leave work at the end of a long day. It's what I like to call stupidly perfect.

(GIF: Tumblr)