New Science Fearmongering: Fat Girls May Think They’re Thin!

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Because Thanksgiving is totally the time to start picking at parsley, here's some awesome news from the land of science: 25 percent of fat girls (girls whose BMIs are over 25) don't believe they're actually overweight. And here's the scary part: You may be one of them!

If this were true, I'd say let sleeping chubs lie: I was pretty hefty in high school and thought I was gorgeous…it was only in college that I looked back and thought “Who was that bag of blubber?” But you can notice another major shift between the photos of me during high school v. college: I stopped smiling. As the weight began to melt off from gross dining hall food, amphetamines for late night studying, and keeping myself starvation-fit so boys would like me, the first thing to go after my boobs shrunk two sizes was my smile. I was constantly cranky, underfed, under-slept, and ready to snap and be that mean girl I always laughed off in college.

This isn't to say that overweight girls should remain oblivious to the the health risks that obesity can bring. But it should be kept in mind that whether it comes from the bitch at school or your doctor, being told you're fat is going to have a devastating effect on any girl's self-esteem, and one that comes with its own risks of crash-dieting and risky behaviors.