New Photos Of Emma Watson In The Bling Ring Show Her Upstaging A Random Pair Of Legs

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When we heard that Emma Watson would be starring in a movie about the infamous bling ring that scandalized Hollywood back in the '00s, we scoffed. Sure we love Emma Watson and sure we support every movie choice she makes, but we just couldn't figure out how this movie could possibly be good.

I mean, Lifetime already made this movie back in 2011. The only thing worse than starring in a Lifetime movie is starring in a spin-off of a Lifetime movie. And the only thing worse than that is starring in a Lifetime movie opposite Lindsay Lohan. (Sorry Grant Bowler, but you redefined rock bottom when you signed onto Liz & Dick)

However with Sofia Coppola on board to direct, we gave it the benefit of the doubt. And thank god we did, because now says it could premiere at Cannes Film Festival in May. I did not see this coming. Looks like Paris Hilton has more street cred on the maybe-biopic scene than I realized.

However I also didn't see these new photos from the movie coming. Unlike the previous photos we've seen of her in a pink sweatsuit and jorts, she looks like a much more complex character in these photos. A sweatsuit tell me she's trashy; a backwards side eye over her right shoulder while she's wearing a dress tells me she's not your average burglar.

Suddenly this movie just got much more intriguing. Add in the fact that there's a pair of legs just hanging out casually in the background of this photo and it seems easy to declare that I'm actually looking forward to this movie now.

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