16 Ways to Deal With Negative Coworkers Who Make Work Hell

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Trying to make it through a day at work is hard enough without negative co-workers irritating you throughout the day. Once upon a time, I worked in the corporate offices for a retail store in the HR department. I feel your struggle. You may have some great co-workers but I bet there are one or two who make you want to tear your hair right out.

But you can’t just tell them off. That would get you in trouble and possibly stunt your career because who the hell wants to work with the ~office bitch~, right? That being said, you still need to learn how to deal with crappy co-workers. You’ll encounter them throughout your entire life (unless you work from home) and if you allow them to taint you with their negativity, you’ll end up just like them, which will make work in general hell.

The only issue is that it’s not easy when you have to see that person every single day. A two day weekend is simply not long enough to purge the negativity they douse you with throughout the week. Luckily, I learned a few things from my time in the office and I’m here to help you survive the workweek with grace.