NBC Is Trying to Win Over Whitney’s Target Audience with a F— Yeah Tumblr

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We're reasonably sure that this Fuck Yeah Whitney NBC Tumblr we stumbled upon for Whitney Cummings‘ new sitcom Whitney is actually managed by NBC. If that's true, then we get a rare look into TV executives' heads and what they think gets the kids' attention these days: .gifs, memes, and the prefix “fuck yeah” which tells the world that we're obsessed with whatever comes after.

Although the page is managed by a Tumblr user called Distancion, everything about it is strangely corporate: The detailed summary, the links to all of the official show pages, the frequent use of “NBC” in the URL and title.

It helps that Whitney the show seems to be based on its star's “look at me, I'm pretty but also profane and gross!” act. If NBC had to go with any medium, they've chosen smartly with Tumblr. But not smartly enough, since they weren't able to hide that this is a promotional material and not a fan page.

There's only one page of content so far, but seeing as Whitney premieres next Thursday, we imagine that in the next week there'll be a deluge of Whitney Cummings quotes, video interviews with the casts, early reactions (if they're favorable), and .gifs galore!