The Many Half-Shirts of Naya Rivera, In Honor of Her Birthday

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Naya Rivera Smile


Gather 'round kiddies, and let me tell you the story of Half-Shirtless Naya Rivera. Legend has it that the now-26 year-old Glee actress once got sucked into a shirt-eating vacuum and only managed to salvage half of the shirt that she was wearing. And, since then, she commemorates that tragedy by never wearing a whole shirt. And, you know, I fully believe in that story that I may or may not have just made up because that's the only explanation that I can think of for her to have abandoned the lower half of her tops so drastically.

That, or maybe she's just really into reminding everyone at all times that her abs are indeed very sculpted. Because, since it's probably been at least a minute since you've last seen her belly button or heard her faint cries to be given attention, you may have forgotten. But worry not. Because here are many, many reminders that Naya's stomach is lovely, courtesy of Naya herself. And it is also just poking its head out to say hey and to make sure you're doing alright.

So, thanks for never letting anyone forget that you, too, were born with a stomach, Naya. And have the happiest of birthdays!

1. The Almost Bikini 

Naya Rivera Jimmy Kimmel Live July 30 2013

(Photo: Cathy Gibson/Pacific Coast News)

Let's just hop right in, shall we? Naya's not wasting any time with this full shirt business so I don't think we should either. Bra-top Naya is in full effect, folks. Proceed with caution.

2. The Tiny Jersey



Hellooo sporty crop top, just flowing in the wind as your owner cheers for her brother. How does it feel to be so casual and so fashion all at once? Does it feel great? I imagine it feels fantastic.

3. The Classy Crop Top

Naya Rivera Los Angeles California(Photo: Survivor/Pacific Coast News)

Here, we have your standard belly shirt, plus (!!) the grace of a string of pearls and a light lunch of finger sandwiches in the form of dainty white lace. How could you even ask for more?

4. The Backward Belly Shirt

Naya Rivera Back Out Shirt

(Photo: Apega/

Talk about a curveball! I'll bet you didn't see this one coming. A crop top, but in the back to show off her svelte spine? Im-press-ive.

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