Cuteggregator: Cute Animals Licking Lollipops For National Lollipop Day!

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Cuteggregator  Cute Animals Licking Lollipops For National Lollipop Day  kitty png

Time to bust out your Tootsies, your Blow Pops, and your classic Dum Dums, because today my friends, is National Lollipop Day. This information has been wired directly from the NCA: Making Life Sweeter Since 1884. (National Confectioners Association, get with the program.)

Every year, just five days after National Gummi Worm Day (what, you didn’t celebrate?) and eight days before National Milk Chocolate Day, on June 20, lies this sweetest of holidays. According to my most trusted ally in historical research, Wikipedia, the exact origin of the lollipop has been debated throughout the ages, but the term may have been derived from the terms lolly (“tongue”) and pop (“slap”). Perhaps people were confused by the first lollipop, and simply smacked it against their tongues in hopes of deriving some flavor? Who’s to say?

Luckily, by now people have figured out the most effective way to enjoy lollipops. And apparently, some animals have too! So in honor of National Lollipop day, please enjoy a variety of cute animals enjoying lollipops of their very own. Hopefully they didn’t get sick from the sugar.