The Daily WTF: My Life Is A Lifetime Movie Is An Actual TV Show That’s Happening

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"My Life is a Lifetime Movie" reality TV show wtf

By now we're used to the weird, quasi-exploitational shows like I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, but this is a whole new low: Lifetime is developing a “hybrid unscripted” series called My Life is a Lifetime Movie. The show will highlight women who've gone through the kind of unbelievable horrors you see in Lifetime movies: Lying husbands who are actually serial killers, daughters who have given sexual favors to half the school, evil twins who murder their good siblings and take over their identities, etc. All for our entertainment!

Last February, Lifetime president Nancy Dubuc explained that My Life is a Lifetime Movie is intended as “a wink and a nod” to longtime Lifetime viewers who've already obsessively DVR'd all of these guilty-pleasure movies of the week. That sounds like some serious schadenfreude—have viewers delight in hearing these same stories, except this time they're real. Dubuc said that the series “will feature high-end recreations” and “Dateline-style elements,” most likely modeled after everyone's guilty pleasure To Catch A Predator.

Dubuc called this her “favorite new project” because why wouldn't she? Of course she knows that she'll make big bucks off recycling the same outrageous stories, because people will eat them up a second time without noticing! It shouldn't surprise you that Dubuc came up with the idea after meeting with Liz Gateley, the MTV exec who's produced The Hills, Paris Hilton's My New BFF, The City, Teen Mom, and so much more.

Who am I kidding? There's no doubt that I'm going to watch this. But for the time being, let's pretend like I'm still outraged and watch Saturday Night Live‘s “Lifetime Game Show” sketch:

Photo: Lifetime