‘My Daguerrotype Boyfriend’ Uncovers Hotties Throughout History

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Did you know that hot guys have existed since the dawn of time? It's true. And with the advent of early photography, we discovered a way to preserve their hotness forever, even after they were dead. The only problem is, much of this early photography is not on the Internet, so nobody can see it. If a babe is photographed, and that photo stays put in a drawer, was he ever really a babe at all?! And do not tell me to check out the Library of Congress, because that's really far away from me and you don't even get sufficient alone time with the material there. Take my word for it.

Enter My Daguerrotype Boyfriend, a tumblr dedicated to cataloging and preserving the national treasure that is our nation's hotties. (Sometimes foreign hotties, too. Babeliness knows no nation.) Composed of reader submissions and the author's own sexy research, this blog assembles all the most delightful menfolk of ever into one convenient place for your viewing pleasure. Particularly excellent posts include “Theodore Roosevelt in shorts,” “Buffalo Bill, age 19,” and my personal fav, “The Josh Hartnett of Irish Political Prisoners.”

Also: that guy up there. He was a painter named Henry Peters Gray, and his photo demonstrates that artistic guys have always been the most doe eyed and adorable, even back when Williamsburg was just a sugar port owned by the Dutch West India Company. I wonder if he phoned up ladies after taking them for walks in the woods, or if he was too distracted by all the emotions he was constantly having, like art guys are now? No, I bet he was totally perfect and nice, and always sent his girlfriend a whole basket of bustles, or whatever they liked in those days. See? I can project whatever qualities I want onto him and he won't argue with me, because he died way before I was born. Your daguerrotype boyfriend will never let you down.