My Boredom Crushes Are Bordering On Creepy

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Today at NYU Local, writer¬†Annie Werner tackles the issue of “boredom crushes”, which happen to bored students in class. Annie is not alone in witnessing this phenomenon. But they're not limited to the class room. I get boredom crushes all the time, and I take them with me all over the city.

My most fruitful boredom crush hot spot of late has been delis. For example, when I'm up late catching up on tivo'd Grey's Anatomy, I incentivize myself to go out into the cold for the requisite cry-while-I-eat Haagen Dazs with a boredom crush or two. The Egyptian deli guy around the corner is definitely hot – and was definitely flirting with me last time I went in. But this might be becoming a problem.

It's possible I have too many boredom crushes – in the wrong places. Lately, I've been making eyes with dudes who don't just ride the train but sleep on it. And if I stare at another woman with short hair for a Justin Bieber look-a-like (I misplaced my glasses), I might get punched in the face. I crave boredom crushes. I've stopped listening to music during trips around the city. But I keep the headphones in so people think I'm really into my music rather than actively seeking them out. Seriously, I've been going to church just to get bored so I can pick out hunks in the front pews.

It's all fun and games, but when does a boredom crush become creepy? I think it's when the deli guy refuses to deliver to you for safety reasons. Or that cute guy on the train gets off a few stops early just to escape your stare. Fortunately, nothing of this sort has happened to me yet but I think I'm cutting it pretty close. Are perpetual boredom crushes normal? I want – no, need feedback on this. Does anyone else get these crushes?