16 Things You Need to Know About Moving Back Home in Your 20s

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Dorothy might have said “there’s no place like home,” but sometimes any place is better than home; especially in your 20s. Once we get a taste of freedom in college, most of us think we'll be damned if we return to Mom and Dads for an extended period of time. Winter break and summer vacation is just enough time to remind us all why we were all so excited to move out in the first place.

However, with the increasing difficulty of finding a job nowadays — and unpaid internships becoming the new entry-level position (smdh), a lot of millennials are packing up their college dorms and moving right back in with the ‘rents. While living with well-established adults definitely has its perks — anyone who has had to return to their hometown after college while they ~search for a job~ knows that it's not all that it's cracked up to be.

Those of you who have experienced this already will relate — and those of you who have got to go back to live with mommy and daddy after this semester or school year know the best way to prepare. (HEY — if you start applying for jobs extra-early, maybe you can dodge the almost-inevitable homecoming!)