This Mother/Son Dance Automatically Beats Whatever You Did Or Will Do At Your Wedding

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Mother Son Wedding Dance

I don't know you personally, so I'm not sure if you're married or engaged or if you plan to get married one day or never want to get married. Whatever the case may be, this video of a mother and son dancing their asses off at his wedding is automatically cooler than anything you may or may not have done or will do at your theoretical or nonexistent or very real wedding. I know it's bold of me to declare every other wedding in history and in the future and in Taylor Swift's dreams to be lame, but it's what I feel is right at this moment in time.

This wedding dance video is from last April, but it's started to go viral this weekend because sometimes the Internet is late. There are just too many cat videos and Olympics memes to comb through first. If, however, you were aware of this video before it went viral and didn't tell me about it, I'd like to have a word with you after class. In the meantime let's just enjoy it.

It starts off with the groom Blake Bunker and his mom Kathy dancing a lovely waltz. But then suddenly the music stops, and Blake and Kathy look around like something has gone wrong. What could it be? Oh nothing, it's just time for them to totally bust a move to Jackson 5's “I Want You Back.” They then go through a bunch of dance moves from decades past and present. Once you see them turn to each other and mouth “every day I'm shufflin'” before dancing to LMFAO, you'll be obsessed. It's joyous and adorable and exactly what weddings should be like.

Of course, they're not exactly amateurs. Kathy founded the Bunker Dance Studio in Vegas 19 years ago, and Blake has danced there since he was a kid. So don't feel too bad if you and your mom look like Elaine Benes in comparison.