The Ten Best Mitt Romney-Related Internet Memes, So Far

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As predicted, watching last night's presidential debate was like sitting through a veeeeeerrrry boring episode of The Real Housewives Of New York, benzo-faces and all. For two whole hours, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama argued about the facts of each other's policy details in a row that could've been resolved in ten seconds, had Jim Lehrer had the balls to pull out his iPhone. Nevertheless, there's a bright spot in all of this, and that's all the delightful Internet memes that have been created by the endlessly resourceful people of the Internet. Romney lends himself especially well to this. Hence, I give you: the ten best Romney-related memes and Internet things to come out of this election, so far.


2. Debate highlights, Songified

This doesn't just make fun of Romney, but I feel it's timely to include.

3. Texts From Mitt

A brilliant take on Romney's persona by Slackatory's Nick Douglas.

4. Lucille and Mitt

Mitt Romney quotes go very well with stills of Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development.

5. Rom Com

Mitt Romney ‘shopped into rom com posters to create alternate movies, plus the plots to those alternate movies.

6. Mitt Romney's coke face

Rich people coke is really fucking good.

7. Romney and Obama kissing

(These GIFs are both from

8. Unemployed Big Bird

9. Mitt Romney harming and/or eating Big Bird:

(There are a lot of these!)

10. Mitt Romney and Obama with their hair switched (by Shelby White)

And this doesn't make fun of Romney, but I love it so much: