This Mirror Mirror Social Media Video Starts Out Annoyingly Cute, But Is Actually Very Tech-Savvy

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Julia Roberts Evil Queen Mirror Mirror

In terms of tone, Mirror Mirror is walking a thin tightrope. On the one hand, it distinguishes itself from fellow Snow White movie Snow White and the Huntsman by delivering a much sillier take on high fantasy. However, too much wry self-awareness or, God forbid, slipping in jokes about 2000s-era pop culture, and you get another stinker like Ella Enchanted.

That's why I was wary about this promo video that got released today, which shows Julia Roberts‘ Evil Queen character trolling social media to see if she's still the fairest in the land. We've seen these kinds of jokes before: Star Wars retold over Facebook, cat memes about Batman, etc. And while some of the social networks are familiar satires — “FaceParchment” and “” — there are also hilarious shout-outs to FourSquare and even newbie Pinterest! Not to mention Snow White (Lily Collins) constantly calling her step-mother over Skype; that was spot-on.

It's an incredibly layered piece; you'll want to watch it multiple times to catch Easter eggs like a Baron who's desperate for Evil Queen's attention, or Prince Alcott's (Armie Hammer) online dating profile.

So long as this is a joke that stays in the marketing campaign but doesn't find its way into the movie, I'm comfortable in saying that they rocked it.