Keep An Open Mind About Music, Keep An Open Mouth About Miracle Whip

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Did you guys catch The 55th Grammys? The performances weren't too shabby. Although I'm not a fan of each artist that won this year, I've vowed to keep an open mind in 2013. I can't totally knock an artist before I've even listened to their song in entirety. This year is about trying new things and keeping my ears open.

Similarly, for too long, too many people have been saying they don’t Miracle Whip it, without ever trying it. That’s prejudgment. And that’s just wrong.

So MW is back, asking people to open their minds and Keep An Open Mouth to their unique flavor. The goal: to insert Miracle Whip into the mouths of a million people this year. How, you ask? They've enlisted some famous mouths – some which may have faced some prejudgment themselves – to open up and sing praise in an epic music video. Together, we can end the unfair judgment of Miracle Whip once and for all.

So join me in opening your ears to new music and your mouth to Miracle Whip. You might be surprised what happens when you do both.

This post is sponsored by Miracle Whip.