Miracle Whip Smartly Mocks Celebrity PSAs In ‘Keep An Open Mouth’ Campaign

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Miracle Whip

We've all been there: That ultra-depressing ASPCA commercial comes on with Sarah McLachlan crooning over sad-eyed puppies, and all you can think about is adopting every single one before they get put down. Well, Miracle Whip has tapped into our natural reaction to these overdramatic PSAs starring recognizable celebrities in a new series of funny commercials. The goal is to get people to reign in their prejudices about mayo and “keep an open mouth” when giving Miracle Whip a second go.

Wynonna Judd gamely steps in for Sarah McLachlan in this video, imploring viewers to adopt their very own bottle of Miracle Whip. Otherwise, it'll end up sad and neglected, laying on its side on a shelf. There won't be a dry eye after watching this.

And in another installment in Miracle Whip's commercial series, I especially loved Michael Ian Black reciting the typical PSA findings of “1 in 4 people…” His deadpan delivery fits perfectly. You've got to appreciate a food company that has a sharp enough understanding of the kinds of commercials we see every day, which then produces a smart parody that we immediately recognize.

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