19 Reasons Why The World Hates Millennials

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The millennial generation has a bad reputation. The media, parents, grandparents and just about anyone with an opinion has deemed millennials as the WORST for years. TIME famously labeled the generation as the “Me Me Me Generation” back in 2013. They're entitled, selfish and have ruined just about everything good in the world.

This ~insufferable~ generation is hated by many. But, why? We found all the reasons everyone seems to hate millennials soOoO much.
(Warning: Sarcasm ahead.)

1. They’re entitled


Generation Me thinks that the world owes them something and they're narcissistic enough to believe that they truly deserve it. They demand more from their jobs, their relationships, and friends. They want a life that not only makes them happy but looks good on social media. Everyone thinks they're special and just because they were born in a certain time period, they've been told that they're entitled to all of this.