Miley Cyrus Wore A Whole Dress Last Night, Must Be Adjusting To The Fall Weather

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Miley Cyrus 30th Annual Night of Stars October 2013

When I saw these new photographs of Miley Cyrus attending the Fashion Group International 30th Annual Night of Stars in New York City, I did a little miniature clap. That's when you lightly touch your palms together a couple of times without making much noise, because it's morning time and that means quiet. But just look at her! She looks fantastic, and she's not wearing any mesh or nipple pasties (that we can see) or buttcheek-baring hot pants. She's like a bizzaro Miley who stumbled into our universe through a magical mirror, and now some alternate world is dealing with the twerking and the tongue and wondering where she came from and how they can get rid of her. Let's just go ahead and break that magical mirror and make this switch permanent, shall we?

It makes sense that Miley would decide to cover up more, considering it's October and the weather's getting chillier. I can barely stand walking around my house without socks on, so naturally it would get more difficult for Miley to go sans clothing without getting cold. By Christmas time she might even cover up her whole back, at which point the world will vigorously rub its eyes to make sure it's really happening. But for now, as you can see, Miley couldn't resist flashing a patch of back skin. If we're being honest here, though, I kind of love it.

Miley Cyrus 30th Annual Night of Stars October 2013 back of green dress

This dress has a little thing I like to call “balance.” It's something Miley hasn't really been familiar with lately, but I think she might finally have gotten the hang of it. This dress is totally classy, but it's also incredibly sexy. It shows skin, but it's the best kind of skin. Specifically, I'm talking about non-underbutt skin.

I don't want to give anybody false hope, but maybe — just maybe — Miley Cyrus can stop after all. I know, I should knock on wood and rub a lucky rabbit's foot and cross all my fingers and toes and all that jazz to make sure I didn't just jinx something. But I can really get behind this kind of Miley. It feels more mature and put-together, but not like she's totally sacrificed who she is and how she likes to dress. It's really twerking working for her. (I'm sorry.)

(Photos: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)