Miley Cyrus Performs At A Concert, Her Bra Does Not

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In some kind of avant-garde attempt to audition for a role in the Josie and the Pussycats sequel, Miley Cyrus appeared on stage this weekend at the Christmas Creampies concert wearing an outfit that can only be described as “the sole reason your mother didn't want you shopping in Charlotte Russe in middle school.”

(You can see it in all its knee-high-leopard-print-boots-goodness right here.)

Naturally she didn't wear a bra. Because bras are so November. And it's December now, a month internationally known for its undergarment-free-awareness movement. So I'm personally not surprised she showed up to perform with her sidekicks Left Nip and Right Areola.

However I'm shocked to see that she's singing next to a topless woman who's pole dancing. The Miley Cyrus I know would never ever allow a more-topless woman to upstage her like that. This woman's so naked that she makes Miley Cyrus look like she stepped onto stage wearing a nun's habit. I just can't fathom how the future Mrs. Liam Hemsworth-Cyrus possibly allowed this to happen.

Perhaps she's trying to tone down her bad girl image by standing next to a badder girl? Possibly get in on the inevitable Hannah Montana reunion show that her father's surely pitching all over town?

Or maybe, just maybe, she made a horrible mistake by letting this naked woman gyrate next to her. A mistake that will surely haunt her for the rest of her career. Seriously, what's next? Wearing pants in twit pics? Ugh, I don't even want to think about it.

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