‘Batkid’ Miles Scott Warmed Everyone’s Hearts Yesterday, Including President Obama’s

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Bat Kid Miles Scott SF PD 11-15-13

In case you were busy yesterday not enjoying feel-good stories, let me catch you up: Miles Scott, age 5, is currently in remission from battling leukemia for most of his young life.  The San Francisco chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation made Miles' dream come true yesterday, along with thousands of city volunteers.  For one whole day, Miles Scott experienced adventure after adventure by becoming “Batkid.”  Weep.

Miles rode around the city in his very own “Batmobile”, with San Francisco PD officers blocking traffic and escorting Batkid to each stop along his crime-fighting spree.  Faith in humanity continued to be restored thanks to several warm-hearted people encouraging Batkid on his journey – one woman even sat on a set of cable car tracks, with her hands bound and a handkerchief covering her mouth.  Naturally, Batkid saved the damsel in distress and continued along his way to save the day.

The White House even tweeted Miles to “Go get 'em!”  And that's not all – President Obama sent Batkid his very own personal Vine video message:

Miles' dad thanked everyone at the end of his son's fun-filled, superhero day:

“This is closure for us,” Nick Scott said. “It has been a hard three years.”

I'm actually past the point of misty-eyed as I'm typing this right now, so I'd better go grab a tissue and figure out what to do with my heart because it's grown two sizes after reading Miles' story.  If you're looking to meet your daily sob-fest quota, I suggest you head on over to the San Francisco Police Department Twitter page – they've got some great images of a happy, inspiring kid enjoying the best day of his not-so-easy life.

(Lead Photo: Twitter)