Can Everyone Stop Acting Shocked That Mila Kunis Looks Different Without Makeup?

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Mila Kunis Oz The Great and Powerful Premiere London 23 Feb 2013

While catching up on my morning news today, I came across this lovely headline on the homepage of the The Huffington Post: Mila Kunis Is Barely Recognizable Without Makeup. I'm sorry, what?  First of all, she's not barely recognizable. She's Mila Kunis. She's famous. I think we can all agree that's she recognizable with or without makeup. Does she look different when she's caught in a candid moment compared to when she's posing on the red carpet. Yes. But duh.

Second of all, people do look different with makeup on. That's why we — as a society — agreed to wear it. We want to look different than we do when we wake up in the morning. I don't think any of us stare at ourselves in the mirror in the morning, apply eyeliner and think, “gee, I sure hope this makes me look worse, that it really brings out the redness in my eyes and accentuates the dark circles that lives beneath them. Ooo and this concealer's four shades too dark for my skin, I can't wait to splatter it all over my face. One splotch here, and one splotch there!”

However everyone seems to hold completely different expectations for Mila Kunis. Well, all celebrities really. But especially Mila Kunis. I've read more ridiculous articles about her being ugly and frumpy and dump than anyone else this year. It's as if we're all on some kind of quest to prove that she's really not that beautiful and really not that desirable. As if that will change anything in our own lives.

“Aha! Alohomora! Mila Kunis looks horrible without make-up, so I am therefore more beautiful!”

Yes, Mila Kunis does look different when she's out without makeup and wearing sweats and grabbing coffee.  BUT WE ALL DO!  So let's stop acting like celebrities are any different than us when it comes to enhancing their looks with makeup. We're all in on this whole makeup thing together guys. The only difference is that we're applying mascara from a $5 tube and they're applying mascara taken from the sap of a rare tree in the Amazon rainforest.

Rant over. Jenni out.