Au Naturel or Smooth Like A Baby? Ask A Naked Guy About Your Hair Down There

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Pube Hairs. Pube Hairs. PUBE HAIRS. Pube Hairs…Ok, I think I'm finally comfortable enough to talk about this with you.

When it comes to hair down there we've plucked, shaved, waxed, lasered—or maybe there's no grooming done at all.  And with so many methods to choose from–the landing strip or the MC Hammer,  it can be confusing for us girls to pick a route to go.   But thankfully and like always, Mari and Kate from Gurl bring us this week's Ask A Naked Guy in perfect timing.

A very naked Charles squeezes between our two favorite ladies this week not only to discuss female grooming, but manscapping too! He takes us by surprise when he shares that he has no preference when it comes to a lady's grooming—a little bush makes it more personal and no hair at all makes it smooth. Talk about a hair positive guy!

But brace yourself for a cringe-worthy admission that will have you wondering if you really should ask what's stuck in your friends teeth.  Once you stop gagging, you'll be thankful that you have now have an idea of what guys like down there.

I will say one thing though, if you're going to get a Brazilian go to a professional for your first time.  Trust me my dears, an at-home kit will not suffice. It will only lead to a lot of blood, bruises and tears.  And if you get it professionally done, you can expect the exact same, plus some great awkward small talk.

Put down your razors girls and press play!  Also don't be shy to comment on your own grooming preferences below!