18 Memes About Being An Adult That Will Make You Say “Me!”

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Becoming an adult can certainly have its ups and downs. In this case, we're using the world “adult” pretty loosely. If you're at that stage in your life where you're too old to borrow money from mom and dad, but too immature to stop yourself from spending all your money on fast food, we're with you.

Thankfully, the internet exists so we can all go through this super weird stage of life together. Kind of like a big, dysfunctional family. So, if you sometimes feel like you're basically a baby with your own apartment and bills to pay, these 18 memes will most definitely make you say “me.”

1. When your life plans didn’t exactly pan out as you imagined

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Don’t let those aspirations die, people. If you’re new to the semi-adult world, you may feel like you need to be having some sort of dream job where you make tons of money doing incredible things like curing cancer and being the CEO of Apple. Sometimes (most of the time) your big five-year plan won’t pan out and that’s totally fine! I, for one, didn’t enter my freshman year of college thinking I would become a barista but here we are.