Brazilian Language Ad Bribes You With Megan Fox To Learn English

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At first glance, this “Megan Fox¬†Island” ad seems like a copy of those horrible Axe videos where the guy washes up on a desert island and women rip his clothes off because he smells so good. But this ad has a much more intellectual aim: It's for Brazil's language school CCAA, and the moral is, “Learn to speak English, in case you get marooned with a beautiful American star and want to win her over.”

See, this is the kind of stuff that Megan Fox should be doing; mocking herself and actually being funny in the process.

The second half of the moral is, “If you don't, then you'll end up being Mike Tyson‘s bitch on the island nearby.” Ironically, this video achieves the reverse of teaching Americans some Portuguese: I now know how to say something along the lines of “Look, it's a shit-ton of Megan Foxes!”