Remember That Time Megan Fox Played A Huge Bitch In Holiday In The Sun?

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No you didn't remember? That's okay, neither did I. Actually truth be told, I never actually knew.

Luckily for everyone reading this, a wonderful Crushable Facebook fan informed me of this fun fact this morning and now I can't stop watching this clip of Megan Fox bitching out a hotel concierge in the classic Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie Holiday in the Sun.

As far as Mary-Kate and Ashley films go, this one's unique only because their mother's alive. It's the only movie they've ever filmed with a live mother! I suppose you could say that it's their Adam Sandler Punch Drunk Love moment. But I suppose you could also say that their horribly cruel song “Brother For Sale” supported child slavery. You can say a lot about the Olsens' fine body of work.

But let's get back to the star at hand.

I don't remember when I first heard of Megan Fox. Sometimes in 2009 when guys started to drool over her and say things like, “yeah I'd fuck her.” And I'd say things like, “oh, how very generous of you to fuck a hot movie star.” But apparently she didn't emerge fully formed in the late '00s.

Nope, she started acting way before then in the grand ole year of 2001. That's the year she landed the highly coveted role as the rich and neglected Brianna in Holiday in the Sun. After seeing this brief clip, it's amazing that it took her almost 10 years to get name recognition. I see this and I think Meryl Streep Jr. or Catherine Zeta-Jones #2 or the next Kathy Najimy.

I dare you to watch it and tell me you disagree.