Meet Skeptical Third World Kid, Your New Favorite Meme

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I'm sure you've seen those commercials on TV where they show you pictures and videos of kids in third world countries who are hungry and don't have access to clean water. Whichever company is collecting funding plays heartwarming, tear-jerking images letting you know that these children rely on your donations to get enough money for immunizations or to keep their school open. At the end the producers try to choose the cutest one for the final shot, just to get in one last tug at your heart strings. But don't get me wrong! They're all for very good causes, I'm sure, and I'm not meaning to make fun of them, I swear!

I don't think Skeptical Third World Kid believes me, though, because he's giving me the total slide-y stank eye. He knows we selfish Americans are gonna see his commercial, change the channel, and go right back to eating our bags of potato chips in bed and not eating the ones that fall on the floor. Not because the floor contaminates them, but because they're out of reach and we're lazy. No matter how many times we tell him that we're gonna get to making a donation later, he doesn't believe us, because we lie, WE LIE! And he can't believe the crazy shit we do instead of just giving him some money to make his life better. We're over here wasting food, drinking clean water, and using indoor plumbing while we complain about how shitty our life is. Skeptical Third World Kid is like the opposite of First World Problems, and here are our ten favorites versions of this awesome new meme.