The Daily WTF: Creepy Meat Leggings From Black Milk Clothing

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meat leggings from Black Milk Clothing

My girlfriends swear by Black Milk Clothing for their fun, bright leggings with swirling galaxy designs. Geek girl Felicia Day recently came out as a big fan. But I can't imagine that any of them would throw their support behind Black Milk's latest oddball design: Incredibly realistic “muscles” running up and down the wearer's legs. Though Black Milk is prized for its attention to detail, I'd say this is taking it too far.

Designer James Lillis seems to acknowledge the potentially polarizing effect of the leggings, writing on the site,

This is an idea that we have been thinking about for a while. A few people encouraged me to do it but I never quite got around to it. Then I got a spare afternoon one day and decoded to have a good go at making it work. It worked…. perhaps a little too well! Definitely our most ‘meaty' design..

So far, BuzzFeed commenters have cracked jokes about Lady Gaga‘s infamous meat dress and New York City's Bodies… The Exhibition (where I used to work!)—two less-than-attractive comparisons. Black Milk is encouraging customers to tweet self-portraits wearing the new leggings with the hashtag #muscleslegs, but so far people have just been posting the link to the product page in disbelief. I doubt these will take off the same way that the fantastic galaxy or Tetris (want) leggings have.

Also? In the “who wore it better” contest, Heidi Klum will always win with her full-body, skinless Halloween costume.