If You Like Funny Things And Being Alive, You’ll Love The Hilarious New Tumblr Mean Girls Of Capitol Hill

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Amanda Seyfried John Boehner Mean Girls Of Capitol Hill Tumblr hilariousI wish I were as smart and funny as other people, I really do. Some genius somewhere whom I HATE for coming up with this when my brain didn't even consider it, has created a new mash-up of Mean Girls and Capitol Hill on Tumblr, which they're calling, unsurprisingly Mean Girls of Capitol Hill. Annnnd it's amazing. It uses lines from the iconic, the memorable, the unimpeachable movie Mean Girls and makes mash-up memes out of them by applying them to pictures of politicians. So instead of Amanda Seyfried asking Lindsay Lohan why she's white, if she's from Africa, she asks John Boehner why he's orange, if he's from a blue state.

Joe Biden Paul Ryan Mean Girls of Capitol Hill Tumblr picture hilarious

We have Paul Ryan embracing an old lady and saying Cady's line “My nana takes her wig off when she's drunk”, and Joe Biden responding with Tina Fey‘s line, “Your nana and I have that in common.” Fucking Joe Biden's face. I can't handle it, it's perfect. This is the first one I saw when I got on the Tumblr, and it's safe to say I fell in love with that Biden smirk.Lady problem Mean Girls of Capitol Hill meme TumblrBut it's not all fun and games over at Capitol Hill, either. There are some serious issues we have to attend to as well, and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is here to start a dialogue, in case these middle-aged white guys have any input about our heavy flows and our wide-set vaginas.

I guess even if I'm not smart enough to think up this amazing concept on my own, I can at least rejoice in the joy inherent in being smart enough to recognize politicians at the same time as being trashy enough to have all these lines of Mean Girls memorized. It feels good to be this fetch.

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