Maude Apatow Is Super Adorable In This Behind-The-Scenes Clip From This Is 40

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I don't think I'm alone in noticing that Maude Apatow has a pretty friggin' awesome life. In fact, I'm super jealous of it. Her parents are Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann, which by itself is incredibly awesome because they seem like really cool people, but also means that she and her sister, Iris, get lots of cool opportunities. They were both in their dad's movie Knocked Up (maybe you've heard of it), and will both also be in the reboot of Knocked Up, called This Is 40. Not like I'm keeping track or anything, but that means that Maude gets to hang out on set with people like Steve CarellPaul Rudd, and Jason Segel. Like, on the regular. That's super awesome and cool and I'd be jealous just with that.

BUT. Maude is also shaping up to be a pretty awesome human person in her own right. She writes for HelloGiggles, has her own hilarious Twitter, and was one of our 25 Girl Crushes Under 25 for 2012. In short, she's extra legit, which was emphasized in a newly-released behind-the-scenes clip from the filming of This Is 40. Maude had been stressing for a long time about her pivotal scene, where she has to get really emotional and cry on camera. She'd been concerned she wouldn't be able to do it, so when the day came, she was unusually nervous and on edge during rehearsals. So when her sister Iris, also in the scene, started making fun of her, Maude got really upset and actually started crying. This probably would've thrown off any other actor doing it for the first time, let alone any 13-year old, but like I said, Maude is legit, so she powered through it and used it in the scene and was super super awesome. She impressed everyone around her to the point that Paul Rudd said he felt like he was “watching someone fall in love with acting.”

Ugh, Maude. You're awesome. Wanna trade lives? I'll take my garbage out and leave half a sandwich in my fridge that you can finish! C'mon. All I'm saying is think about it.