Photos Of Matt Bomer And His Adorable Twin Sons Just Make My Ovaries Happy

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The fact that Matt Bomer barely spoke in Magic Mike did nothing to hamper my giant crush on him. But that's probably because he wore a thong for 90% of the scenes I saw him in. So that could factor into my crush. Also the fact that he always looks incredibly adorable when he's out with his children: Kit, Walker and Henry.

While tons of Fifty Shades of Grey fans are hoping that Matt Bomer will be the new Christian Grey, I'm personally against it. That role is for someone less classy — and less busy rehearsing for Magic Mike 2: Party in the City Where the Heat is On. Perhaps someone like Rupert Grint or Chet Hanks.

The White Collar star recently left on a trip without his three boys, which is sad, but also great because these goodbye photos at the airport came out as a result. Naturally I wanted to see even more photos of him with the kids. Because like every good stalker knows, you can never get enough of the man you love. So I did some totally normal Monday morning Matt Bomer searching.

And that's how I found this collection of photos of him walking around Soho this past weekend with 4-year-old twins Walker and Henry. His partner Simon Hall was there too, but he somehow managed to escape the long lens of the paparazzi in most of the photos. Or the paparazzi went right for the money shots. Because they knew no one could avoid looking at these photos of Bomer with his boys. (Is the tumblr BomerWithHisBoys taken? If not, I'm on it. In a non-creepy way, of course.)

The Bomer boys! They ride cabs! Just like us! When we're drunk and too lazy to take the subway!

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