Matt Bomer Looks Insanely Sexy In This Photo

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White Collar star Matt Bomer looks so amazing in this photo shoot for the store Park & Bond that I'm tempted to make a cheesy Matt Boner joke. But that joke's super lame and doesn't really even make any sense. But I think you know what I'm trying to say. He looks amazing.

He's part of a new father's day campaign for Park & Bond that celebrates fathers and style. Two things that don't always go together. Especially on the weekends in the grocery store. I'm looking at you dad in mesh shorts and wrinkled t-shirt and socks and sandals.

As anyone who's ever seen White Collar knows, Matt Bomer pulls off suits extremely well. Like extremely, extremely well. So it's no surprise that the cable network heartthrob got chosen to be part of this project. Especially since he's the father of three rambunctious young boys, a 7-year-old and 4-year-old twins.

On his older son's style he tells Park & Bond:

 “Our oldest has a fascination with ties,” Bomer says. “We'll be going to a family dinner and he'll come downstairs in a pair of shorts, a T-shirt, and a blue blazer with a tie. We let him rock that.”

If a hot TV star talking about his kids doesn't already have you hot and bothered, let me remind you that he's also starring in the epic stripper thriller Magic Mike this summer. Is anyone else counting down the days until we get to see Matt Bomer play an exotic dancer?