Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen’s Backpack Costs 84 Times More Than The Complete Full House Series DVD Boxset

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What I love most about Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen is their flagrant disregard for reality. They've always lived in their own world and have never questioned  whether or not it was anywhere near normal. It's a world where you attend college for a semester, where your father's friend lives in your basement with a woodchuck puppet for no rhyme or reason and where you sell a designer fur backpack for $16,900.

(Insert record scratch)

Yes, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen recently debuted the fall collection for The Row and included this $16,900 backpack in the mix. Because really, if you're carrying around a monogrammed L.L Bean (or heavens forbid a Jansport), you're just announcing to the world that you're a leper. And not even a wealthy leper. A poor, poor leper who doesn't understand the difference between a plastic bag and a backpack.

And trust me, as a person who owns a backpack collection worth close to 14 million dollars, I know the difference between some bag a cashier hands you that holds groceries and a backpack that holds your wallet, cocaine and phone.

So I applaud the Olsen twins for recognizing the need for backpacks that cost $16,900. You only get to make a first entrance into elementary school once. You might as well do with the net worth of a struggling family on your back.

(Photo: The Row)