Ashley Olsen Almost Died Today, So Did 200 Other Non-Famous People Who Already Bore Us

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It's so hard to believe how close we came to losing  Ashley Olsen today. One second she's on a safe plane, and the next second its engine sets on fire as it's taxiing down the runway. Sure she has an identical twin sister, but still, it wouldn't be the same.

As always, TMZ has the full story. Although bear in mind that the full story's currently only 4 sentences long. So while we know everything, I'm left feeling like we know nothing. Nothing at all.

AA flight 2421 was departing from Dallas for LA when the engine fire started shortly after the plane pulled away from the gate. According to fire officials at DFW … the cockpit filled with smoke, and the pilots quickly returned to the terminal.  Sources on board the flight tell us Ashley was among the roughly 200 passengers who got off the plane safely.


For example, what was Ashley Olsen wearing? Did she stow her carry-on safely under her seat or securely in the overheard storage bin? Does she slyly send Olivier Sarkozy stink eyes at the dinner table every time her sister Mary-Kate Olsen glances in another direction? Has Trent Olsen forgiven her for trying to sell him for only fifty cents?

And most importantly, is she still considering running for president one day?

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