Make Your Own: Theater Geek Chic

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Sometimes you just gotta let geek flag fly, right you guys? Admit it: We all love musicals, deep down. Even if you hate musicals, ask yourself: Is this because I genuinely loathe narratives that are interupted by dance numbers, or because there was a point of your life when you seriously loved Rent and now those embarrassing memories of singing all of “Seasons of Love” (both original and refrain) for your 8th grade school pageant make you cringe at even the phrase “rockopera.”

Good news though! With the entire country catching Glee fever, it's suddenly okay to be into musicals again, even if you hide it behind a veil of ironic nostalgia. While that can mean everything from going to see Spring Awakening (you know, just because you heard Hunter Parish was in it), to humming the refrain of Jay-Z's Hard Knock Life (“Oh, that's from a musical? Did not know!).

Me? I chose to show my love for musicals in this week's Make Your Own. It's super easy: Those shirts you bought when your parents took you to see Phantom of the Opera or Les Miserables are still sitting in their basement. Next time you're home, go rifle through your old belongings…I found my Cats shirt in a bag that also contained Les Mis, Rent, and inexplicably a KISS tee. And you know what? Time had softened up the cheap theater fabric so they had the feel of one of those $26 ultra-light tri-blend shirts from American Apparel. Combine with a short skirt, sunglasses, and a sense of not taking yourself too seriously: Voila! Instant theater chic! (Extra ironic points for holding a dog while wearing a Cats shirt!)

Who knows…wear it to your next hipster-related event and you might find that people will actually approach you to talk about how they saw Neil Patrick Harris when he played the MC in Cabaret.