Make Your Own: Awesome Miu Miu Collar

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Fashion blogger Elizabeth Spiridakis, aka White Lightning, has tons of beyond-awesome ideas. Here is her crafty spin on recreating an affordable version of a Miu Miu's whimsical collar.

The Spring 2010 collection that Miuccia Prada presented for Miu Miu is quite possibly the most delectable 36 looks that I have ever seen. Prints and satin and sparkles and clogs…I really love every single thing about it.

Obvs I would like one of everything but alas that is not in the cards for me. When I heard that the cute printed collars from the show are sold separately, I really wanted one. They are not so insanely priced ($190) but…that’s still too much for frivolous fun for me right now, so I figured…why not just try to make one for my second installment of DIYness here?

It’s insanely easy. It’s not Miu Miu..but it’s pretty cute.

1. A collared shirt, preferably men’s (for a larger collar) and not too large. The bigger the shirt, the bigger the collar.
2. Nice sharp scissors.
3. Colored pencils (or fabric paint, if you’d like. I went with what I had on hand), permanent marker.


Simple. Iron the collar to make sure it’s super flat and sharp. Then: Cut the collar off the shirt! There is a seam you can follow with your scissors. I got a shirt that has the small buttons that keep collar down; I thought it was a cute detail. I kept the buttons by just keeping a little flap of shirt with the button (it is behind the collar, you won’t see it)

Then get your coloring vibe on. I went with ripping off the Miu Miu kitty. I drew it with permanent marker and colored it in with colored pencil, but I gave it X eyes and White Lightning branded it- WL on the cat butt.

And..that’s about it?

The sky is really the limit with this little project, I went with a plain blue but you could use any kind of shirt you dig and paint or draw all over it. I highly encourage getting weird.


Miu Miu cat print collar: $190

White Lightning dead kitty collar; $6.99