Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day: Mad Men Meets The OC

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Your Stupid Laugh Of The Day  Mad Men Meets The OC Mad Men meets The OC Jon Hamm jpgHappy Thursday, you guys! I don’t want to alarm anyone, but today is the end of my week because I don’t have to come into the office for even one minute tomorrow. I know that with some offices you have to come in on your day off just to make sure that a pack of Death Eaters hasn’t descended on it, or that it doesn’t function as a meth house when you’re not there, but not at Crushable HQ! Nosirree! Tomorrow is all mine! And I’m planning on sleeping in and wearing pants for approximately none of it. These are my plans.

Today’s funny video is one of those combination mash-ups that you read about in the moving-picture books, and it combines Mad Men and that timeless classic from our childhoods, The OC. You remember those two shows, right? They both take place in the 1950s, receive countless awards, and contain heaps and heaps of romantic intrigue. Okay, so maybe that last one is the only part that’s true of both, but they’re still pretty funny when you combine them! Plus the combo works thematically because so many members of the New York office are clamoring to go to California when Mad Men returns in the fall! It all fits.

Sadly, I know very little about The OC (don’t call it that), due to it being popular in the Dark Ages, aka the time surrounding 2001 when I wasn’t allowed to watch television or listen to music or really be up-to-date on anything involving pop culture (yes, it’s safe to assume I was the coolest), but I am having a really great time imagining Mischa Barton working as an ad executive on Madison Avenue or Elisabeth Moss getting into a cat fight with Christina Hendricks.