‘Mean Mad Men’ Is The Best New Meme I’ve Seen All Week

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Jon Hamm, John Slattery and Rich Sommer film a scene for their hit TV show "Mad Men" in Los AngelesNew meme ‘Mean Mad Men‘ mashes Mean Girls and Mad Men. Say that five times fast. Or don't, but at least check out ‘Mean Mad Men', a Tumblr dedicated to combining the brilliant words of Mean Girls with the iconic pictures of Mad Men in a way that gives me endless jolts of joy and hilarity. It's still pretty new, but already a whole heap of different characters have been featured, so whoever is making it probably isn't a member of The Plastics; it's so not their way to make everyone feel included.Betty DraperBetty Draper would be Regina George. In fact, maybe even January Jones would be Regina George. We know she doesn't have a big issue with cheating, as she had no problem snagging Liam Hemsworth away from Miley Cyrus…for all we know, they hooked up in that weird room above the bleachers. Cool mom Betty DraperOkay but no. You don't also get to be Amy Poehler. She is sacred to me and I hold her and her characters safe inside my brain. Also in no way are you a ‘cool mom', but this picture is undeniably amusing. Don DraperOh shoot. Are Jon Hamm and his wayward penis a better fit for Regina George? It really isn't Don Draper's fault that he's so popular. Elisabeth Moss and Vincent KartheiserPerfect. Vincent KartheiserIs it wrong that I'm getting intense joy out of imagining Vincent Kartheiser fighting a dinosaur with that gun? Oh and also congratulations on your engagement to Alexis Bledel, buddy! That's pretty cute. Your Face Smells Like Peppermint

Not feet? I'm pissed that didn't work! You can find more by going to the Tumblr itself, and I'm hoping even more will go up soon. I don't know about Tina Fey, but I personally am thrilled by this terrific use of internet resources.

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