Beauty Boss Style Session Series

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As the temperature continues to drop, picking out outfits becomes decidedly more difficult. Finding ways to be comfortable, warm, and put together all at the same time seems like an impossible task, and sometimes it would be nice to have someone to just tell us what to wear. Luckily for us, mstylelab’s Beauty Boss Style Sessions is a great web series to provide us with some necessary inspiration. Even though our clothes can’t be picked out for us individually, at least we’ve got some direction!

This season’s first episode of Style Sessions is all about Fall Must Haves. Various outfits are featured that keep with current style trends, and there’s an outfit to satisfy every individual style or body type.

If you’re trying to stay on trend, you’ve definitely heard about the new kind of animal print going around. Beauty Boss, Nikki Phillipi, tells you how to wear it the right way. If that isn’t your thing—maybe you’re interested this season’s latest printed denim?—then you’ll enjoy cute printed jeans paired with a simple tee. Can’t go wrong with classics. All outfits found at Macy’s mstylelab.

This post is sponsored by Beauty Boss Style Sessions.